Project Rainbow Sunshine


Good morning, Coffee? Yes please.”- Some of our favorite words this last season.

Our days have been filled with mystery and lots of questions in the last year or so. We needed a classic cup of coffee (or Tea for the Tea-ers) to keep us wondering about which day of rain would soon bring our rainbow and sunshine.

Rona hit us like a storm. Our colorful atmosphere and vibrant characters were missing those extra hours of sunshine. So, in the meantime we had to create our own rainbow.

The end of March 2021 was the beginning of our Project Rainbow Sunshine. Valerie owner of Atelier LAVe came together with Stay at 7 hotel, to create a staircase of color. Valerie took her time to research using our brand identity and vision to plan out a way to bring these bare walls to life. After day one, the first strokes of paint already gave us so much hope.

Valerie soon became part of our family here. She very quickly took color, which she believes is a powerful tool, and transformed our staircase into a new and exciting experience floor for floor.

As a community, we too also believe that color is a very important part of our lives. Not only does the rainbow bring sunshine but the color is the light that brings everyone hope.

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How to prevent the spread COVID-19  Our hotel will be open again from the 18th of may, lets all work together to make this work!  We made a list of the 7 preventions rules.  #staysafe 

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Shop in shop

”When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.” We are looking for entrepreneurs, who would love to have a little shop in shop in our hotel.

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Light opening Stay @ 7 groot succes

De afgelopen maanden hebben wij met ons team een succesvolle testfase gedraaid in het Stay @ 7 hotel.

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